Minimum wage should be abolished essay

There are arguments indicating that the introduction of the minimum wage could increase effectiveness. Abolishing minimum wage will allow businesses to achieve greater efficiency and lower prices.

Australia needs fresh food delivered to the Australians tables. To my second argument. Minimum wage is something we, you and Australia say no to!

It is unfortunate that the Congress which is the party responsible for the minimum wage is also the party that can abolish it. As a direct result unemployment in Australia would increase and the exporting will decrease. The minimum wage may have a positive effect on employment rate but it should be kept in moderation, and failure to do so may cause unemployment.

The employers hire lesser workers which discourages the unskilled workers from working or even look for a job. To my second argument. Consequently, the minimum wage law contributed to bringing about thousands of jobs for the economy, as the economists view it. Therefore, small business would be put under great tension by having minimum wage.

It cannot decrease poverty rates, and because of the difficult way that many government aid programs are structured, it will also do little to help the neediest minimum-wage families.

To my last point. Basically, the minimum wage is an anti-poverty tool; it brings the families of the low-profit group nearer to starvation. Also, workers need a minimum amount of income from their work to survive. Therefore minimum wage should be abolished. To further understand the issue stated regarding the abolishment of minimum wage, disadvantages should also enumerated.

Minimum wage sectors increases the retail price of 0. Minimum wage is something we, you and Australia say no to! Long-service leave, superannuation, carbon tax, work safety and now minimum wage!

Why It Should be Abolished?A minimum wage pretty much sets the costs of labor to a minimum of what the minimum wage is. An employer will then have to make all labor decisions based on the fact that he needs to buy worth of labor, which can often result in less labor. The federal minimum wage that is experienced by many members of the United States, currently is at $, and is under debate as to whether or not it should be raised an additional dollar per hour, to make the minimum wage $ (1).

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The minimum wage adversely affects low-skilled and unskilled workers by preventing them from taking jobs that, while low-paying, would give them the experience needed to get better jobs in the future. For all of these reasons, the minimum wage should be eliminated. To evaluate the minimum wage, we must first understand why it was originally created and what its historical effects have been.

The minimum w age was introduced in by President Franklin Roosevelt. Essay about Minimum Wage The Minimum-Wage. Minimum Wage Essay “Should the minimum wage be abolished?

Minimum Wage Should Be Abolished Essay Sample

Why?” In most countries, minimum wage was originally associated with social protection, and was introduced as a means of fighting labor exploitation.

However, several serious disadvantages of this standard were revealed after years of practice. Studies show. A. Marginalized workers Minimum wage harms a large percentage of the working groups, mostly the marginal workers which includes teenagers, the less educated workers and the more aged workforce.

Minimum wage should be abolished essay
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